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BRAVO! Diving Club
We are a competitive spring board diving club that has levels for all divers and abilities! Anyone with a passion to learn about diving and pursue diving as a sport can find a place in our program!  We take each athlete and work with them individually to improve their mechanics and learn the fundamentals in the sport! We have a great learn to dive program that continues into a competitive team!
We are always accepting new students into our program! If you are interested in information please contact us today!!!! 248.840.3788

New classes begin all the time!

Bravo! Diving Club won 2nd place in the 2016 Michigan Diving Association State Meet!

A member of Bravo! Diving already: Check out our new facebook page!  Like our page to get updated information, pictures and important messages!


If you’re interested in trying the sport of diving CONTACT US TODAY!!!
Head Coach: Piper Wiechec

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